Vegan Influencer Of The Month: Sunny Subramanian!

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Veganism - it ain't just about what you eat! When we were transitioning into the vegan lifestyle, we found one of the most difficult things was finding vegan beauty products. Much research is involved in finding such products - investigating parent companies, ingredients etc. it can be overwhelming and quite a frustrating task! Thankfully, we can all breathe a sigh of relief - because Sunny of Vegan Beauty Review has us covered! Her blog is the go-to info site for all things vegan beauty - absolutely something for all the conscious consumers out there! 


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What is your name, company, brand? Where are you located?

My name in Sunny Subramanian and I'm a happy, pink-haired mama, vegan beauty junkie, animal lover and self-proclaimed crazy cat lady. My blog is Vegan Beauty Review, and I’m based out of Portland, Oregon.

What is your company/brand all about?

I created Vegan Beauty Review back in 2007, to show the world that being vegan can be fun, beautiful and delicious! VBR provides savvy consumers with entertaining and useful reviews of cruelty-free, organic, and eco-friendly beauty products. VBR also covers cruelty-free fashion, vegan food and beauty recipes, and everything in between.

When did you become vegan, and why?

I went vegan in college after being inspired by a philosophy course on ethics that focused heavily on animal rights. As soon as the professor played the undercover factory farming videos in class, I was done with meat and dairy for good. I didn’t even even go through a vegetarian phase, went straight to being vegan. I was living in El Paso, Texas at the time, so it was a bit of a difficult transition but everything got easier from there on out.  

Where did your influencer journey begin & why? 

When I first started Vegan Beauty Review, there weren’t any other vegan beauty blogs on the internet, so I swooped in. Combining my passion for beauty and writing seemed like a dream come true. Getting in early on the game and also with the help of social media (especially Instagram), I began to develop a steady and loyal following.

What is your favorite thing about being an influencer? 

My favorite part is connecting with people. I love sharing my favorite vegan finds (food, fashion, beauty), hearing about other people’s faves, bouncing ideas off each other, offering support and vegan sisterhood. 

 What is your goal as an influencer?

My goal as an influencer is to inspire more people to become veg curious and dip into that #veganlyfe. I want to keep demonstrating that veganism is a super fun and easy compassionate lifestyle choice.

How do people find out more about your company/brand?

For more info on Vegan Beauty Review, you can visit my blog or find me on social:

Instagram: @veganbeautyreview

Twitter: @vegan_beauty



Anything that we may not have covered that you’d like to tell us all about?

I recently published a DIY beauty book The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty which is an excellent resource for those looking for greener and cleaner beauty alternatives. It’s chock full of simple, homemade beauty tips and recipes that are actually good for your skin, and of course they’re vegan and cruelty-free, too.