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Who We Are - Lunar Ground Shop

Who We Are

Welcome to Lunar Ground Shop, we’re Felicia & Mary, also known as the Vegan Wives! We started our activist journey as Instagram influencers, with the intention to spread, promote and inspire those to consider compassion. Having much success, we decided to continue our mission through more expressive means- fashion. In January of 2018 we launched our apparel line, Lunar Ground Shop (LGS).

We both have unique and creative backgrounds to bring into the LGS studio. Mary has an extensive background in Fine Art & Design, and is currently a Fine Arts Professor at a college in our town. Aside from this she is the chef behind our Vegan Wives culinary creations, and the Creative Director of Lunar Ground Shop. Felicia has an impressive modeling resume, which has taken her from coast to coast, working with top photographers, stylists, as well as hair and make-up industry professionals. She has experience both in front of and behind the camera lens, bringing a unique perspective and well-trained eye to the LGS brand. Additionally, Felicia is the Marketing Director of LGS, focusing on building our brand and engaging with our community daily. Together Felicia and Mary make the perfect team, creating everything in-house and from the ground up!

Our Vibe

We both grew up in Philadelphia, where we met - and eventually decided to move to South Florida. This transition allowed us to develop an eclectic aesthetic. In creating Lunar Ground Shop, we wanted to combine the urban feel of city life, with the more relaxed vibes of beach town living.

To us style and fashion are forms of self-expression, a creative outlet with a story to tell. It’s more than just clothing to us; it’s a feeling, a mood, a thought, a passion, a lifestyle.

When we design for LGS, we are literally wearing our hearts on our sleeves, simply because of the significance of our mission-we are doing this for the animals, above all.

If one person who knows nothing of a plant based lifestyle can engage in one of our designs, on a tee shirt, or mug, or print – then we are truly engaging and creating a conversation. That is what activism and great design can do together, create a conversation and hopefully the ability to change hearts and minds at the same time.